about company - Sogeikai Co. Ltd.

Corporate number registered by Japanese goverment : 0100-01-070734

Registered address : 3-8-9 Matsumoto building 3F, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Foundation : August 1st, 1935

Registered purposes of company :

  1. Stocking and selling paintings and calligraphic works
  2. Coaching and providing correspondence course of Shodo, and selling materials
  3. Lecturing and promoting exhibition about Shodo
  4. Characteristics analysis, suitability assesment based on handwriting analysis, and handwriting judgement
  5. Promoting correspondence course of handwriting analysis and publishing
  6. Import-export trading and selling books, video and materials about handwriting analysis
  7. Educating and coaching to raise Graophologists, Handwriting analyst and Shodo-ka
  8. Every business activities concerning items above

Number of issued shares : 160,000

Ammount of capital : \10,000,000.-JPY

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